Strong performance at recent NZQA audit!

Step by Step Training recently completed a scheduled 3 year External Evaluation and Review with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Step by Step performed strongly at the recent audit and we were awarded “Confidence” in¬†Educational Performance and Capability in Self-assessment by NZQA across the following six key evaluation questions:

1. How well do Step by Step learners achieve?

2. What is the value of the learning outcomes for all Step by Step stakeholders, including students?

3. How well does Step by Step match student progress against the needs of learners and stakeholders?

4. How effectiveness is the teaching of Step by Step?

5. How well are Step by Step learners guided and supported?

6. How effectiveness is governance and management of Step by Step in supporting educational achievement?


Step by Step are excited about continuing to provide high standards of training and value the support from NZQA.