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Learn word processing software by completing one of our two courses.

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Courses / Training

Microsoft Word 111

Course Summary: 

Our Microsoft Word NZQA Level 2 course prepares students to work in an entry level administrative position, such as a receptionist. Participants learn how to create, open and save a new document; format, spell-check and print documents; how to set out letters and memos and print an envelope for a letter.

Optimum Course Duration: 6 Hours + 4 Hour Assessment

NZQA Credits 5:  Use a Word Processor

Course covers:

  • Understanding the basic components of Word
  • Creating a document from beginning to end
  • Practical examples and practice time
  • Formatting Word documents
  • Understanding page alignment and configuration
  • Checking your work and tracking changes
  • Printing
  • Working with numerical data

Microsoft Word 112

Course Summary:

This Microsoft Word Level 3 course prepares you for work as a senior office assistant. The course teaches advanced features such as mail merge, templates, advanced tables and advanced formatting.

Optimum Course Duration: 8 Hours + 5 Hour Assessment

NZQA Credits 5: Use Word Processing Functions

Course covers: 

  • File saving and organisation
  • Word document formatting
  • Understanding templates
  • Working with graphics
  • Practical examples and practice time
  • Mail merging
  • Learn key components from the toolbar

Introductory Course in Word Processing now offered!

If you are just looking to learn the basics in Word Processing, we are now delivering an introductory course that covers the commonly used editing and formatting techniques to be able to create a professional word document. It is the perfect short course for those that are looking for a foundation level only.