Microsoft Excel Training – Spreadsheets


Learn how to use the Excel programme for all your spreadsheet requirements from basic formulas to functions.

Our course is excellent preparation if you need to enter data or to keep track of clients or stock (such as storeroom-type work). Many businesses use Excel as an accounting system.

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Courses / Training

Microsoft Excel 18743

This Microsoft Excel NZQA Level 1 course introduces spreadsheet concepts to students. Participants learn how to make formatting adjustments, freeze columns and panes, basic formulas and charts.

Optimum Course Duration: 7 Hours + 2 ½ Hour Assessment (custom options available from as little as 2 hours, contact us for details)

Produce a spreadsheet from instructions. NZQA Credits: 2

Course covers

  • Advantages of using spreadsheets
  • Moving around spreadsheets & entering data
  • Formulas and functions
  • AutoSum and AutoSum options
  • Worksheet data alignment
  • SmartArt Diagrams and Organisational charts

Microsoft Excel 29770

This Microsoft Excel NZQA Level 2 course introduces more intermediate spreadsheet concepts to students. Participants learn how to create templates, follow a spreadsheet brief, more advanced formulas and formatting techniques.

Optimum Course Duration: 7 Hours + 4 Hour Assessment

Create and use a computer spreadsheet to solve a problem. NZQA Credits: 3

Course covers

  • Advantages of using spreadsheets
  • Following a brief and drawing a specification plan
  • More formulas and functions
  • Appropriate legibility, presentation, accuracy & data integrity
  • Organisational charts

Introduction Course in Spreadsheets Now Offered! 

This short course has been designed to give an introduction of how to use a spreadsheet and apply basic functions. The training provides learners with skills and competence while entering data into a spreadsheet and to produce a simple pie chart.