Sales Training

Sales Certificate

An essential course for anyone seeking employment that involves making sales and dealing with customers in a customer-facing context.

In this course, learners understand how to look after customers, make a successful sale, understand buying and selling processes as well as security systems and procedures.

Course Duration: 18 hours (each Unit can be completed individually)

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Courses / Training

NZQA Unit Standard 25000 – Demonstrate Knowledge of Security Systems and Procedures in a Retail or Distribution Environment

NZQA Level 2 – 3 credits (4.5 hours) 

  • What is a security system?
  • Types of security systems
  • Threats or potential threats to cash and valuable items
  • Handling cash and valuable items
  • Keeping yourself safe and others safe

NZQA Unit Standard 28295 – Demonstrate knowledge of serving customers in a retail environment

NZQA Level 2 – 5 credits (5.5 hours)

  • Applying personal skills when serving customers
  • Effective communication skills
  • Responding to customer ssues
  • Using selling strategies
  • Positive customer experience
  • Understanding customer expectations

NZQA Unit Standard 12003 – Demonstrate Knowledge of Buying and Selling Processes in a Retail or Distribution Environment

NZQA Level 2 – 3 credits (8 hours)

  • Factors that affect buying
  • Types of buying principles
  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying to pre-set levels
  • Factors used to set price
  • Impact of discounting
  • Sales process stages, legislative requirements