Customer Service Training

Customer Service Certificate

This course is suitable for those that will be working, or intending to work, in industries where customer contact is required. The focus is to learn how to provide customer service, handle complaints, respond to inquiries & provide safe and secure customer-facing reception services.

Course Duration: 13.5 hours (each Unit can be completed individually)

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Courses / Training

NZQA Unit Standard 57 – Provide Customer Service

NZQA Level 2 – 2 credits (4.5 hours) 

  • Defining a customers’s needs
  • Good habits for effective customer service
  • Caring for customers properly
  • The service chain – what is it? where you fit in
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Personal presentation

NZQA Unit Standard 56 – Respond to Customer Inquiries

NZQA Level 1 – 2 credits (4.5 hours)

  • Dealing with customers by phone
  • Handling compaints effectively
  • Identifying what constitutes a customer
  • First impressions – positive attitude matters
  • Gretting customers face to face
  • Helping customers with special needs

NZQA Unit Standard 122 – Provide Safe & Secure Customer-Focussed Reception Services

NZQA Level 3 – 5 credits (4.5 hours)

  • The role of the receptionist
  • Becoming a proactive staff member
  • Handling emergencies and the responsibility of the employer
  • Communication skills
  • Reception management
  • Office systems