• Get new skills
  • Targeted for real jobs Targeted for real jobs

    Our Microsoft based computer training and vocational training is based on the needs of real jobs within the New Zealand job market.  Get the critical skills you need to feel confident about your next step in your career.

    As career development experts we understand the requirements of today’s jobs and we deliver training that is targeted and cost-effective.

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  • Keep pace with your field

    Stay in touch with changes in your profession driven by technology. Know how to get the information you need to stay in touch with your industry.

    Save time and increase profitability by becoming competent in technology. We understand the changing demands of todays jobs and can tailor training to suit.

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    Keep pace with your field
  • Reconnect with your interests Reconnect with your interests

    Use technology to unlock your passion. Once you learn how to connect with your interests and hobbies online, keeping pace with technology change will be a breeze.

    Our trainers will work with you personally to boost your confidence, help you connect with the world and broaden your employment options.

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  • Learn 1-on-1 at your pace

Microsoft Computer Training. NZQA Registered. New Zealand Wide.

Corporate Training

The workplace is always changing. Keep up with technology and the changing demands of employment. We are specialists at delivering onsite Microsoft based training to target the individual skill gaps of staff.

Vocational Rehabilitation

We are experts in vocational rehabilitation. Our specialist and customised courses across computing and employment skills ensure your clients meet their rehabilitation goals.

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Join our nationwide network of trainers! Step by Step is currently seeking qualified computer and vocational training professionals. Contact us today.

We’ve got History!

Step by Step has 20 years experience delivering training all over New Zealand. Our professional, outcome focussed yet flexible approach to training has made us famous with tens of thousands of 'return to work' students and corporate clients.

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‘I have a number of clients going through your programme and every one of them are really enjoying the course, they are all learning great skills and finding it is very user friendly with great supportive tutors, they all smile when I ask how it is going…. you guys are changing people’s futures…’


‘I would like to say Jim was a great trainer and had lots of patience. He explained everything so I could understand it. I found the course and tutor a good experience and was happy with how much I picked up in a short space of time.’